Landscape Water Budgeting 8 CEU's

Who Should Take This Course
The Advanced Irrigation CAD course is for Landscape
Architects, Licensed Irrigators and others in the urban design
industry who use computer aided design software on a daily
basis and are looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Course Description
This course is set up as a fast paced version of the 2 day
Irrigation CAD workshop. Students will complete a residential
drawing from start to finish. Students will be given more
instruction on material take-offs, sprinkler pallette
assignments and proper zoning techniques then in the
original course.
Topics of the class include:
• Producing a Site Map and Design,
• Working with a Sprinkler Database,
• Designing an Irrigation System,
• Hydraulics,
• Finalizing Design and Plans,
• Calculating Cost Estimates
It is required that students have taken the basic 2 day training
previously or some other computer aided design software
class and have a working knowledge of RainCAD or
DesignCAD packages.

What to Bring:

Students should bring materials for taking notes. While not
necessary, students are welcome to bring lap top computers
for use in this class