Landscape Water Budgeting 8 CEU's

Who Should Take This Course
The Troubleshooting and Performance Testing course is essential
for anyone responsible for managing urban irrigation systems on
landscapes such as residential lawns, sports fields, parks,
commercial properties and golf courses. The course will also
benefit municipal and water utility personnel interested in
developing water conservation programs, responsible for
conducting irrigation system evaluations in response to high water
bill complaints, or qualifying/approving retrofit programs.

Course Description
This eight-hour course covers how to:
1) evaluate and document site conditions that influence the
efficiency of landscape irrigation,
2) troubleshoot irrigation system components for proper
3) Perform routine maintenance and minor repair/adjustments
of irrigation systems to improve performance
3) determine station precipitation rate, and
4) develop seasonal irrigation schedules that address site
limitations, plant water needs and irrigation system
performance .
The course includes classroom instructions, laboratory exercise
and demonstrations, and hands-on experience in the field by
troubleshooting and performance testing an actual irrigation
In this course, students learn:
< a systematic approach for troubleshooting common
irrigation system hardware and operation problems
< how to determine precipitation rate using one of three
methods: catch cans, flow

What to Bring:

Students should bring a calculator and materials for taking notes.
Dress appropriately for outdoor fieldwork (including rain gear).
While not necessary, students are welcome to bring lap top
computers for use in this class