Landscape Water Budgeting 8 CEU's

Who Should Take This Course
The Commercial Landscapes course is essential for anyone
responsible for designing or managing irrigation systems on urban
landscapes such as residential lawns, sports fields, parks,
commercial properties and golf courses. The course will also
benefit municipalities and city water utility personnel, particularly
those interested in developing urban water conservation programs.

Course Description
This course will provide instruction on renewable energy methods
available to operate landscape irrigation systems. Energy costs are
projected to rise in the future as fossil fuels are depleted. As a
result, both the public and private sectors are turning towards
renewable energy to provide power for the future. Solar and wind
energy technologies are emerging in Texas and across the country
as the two leading sources of renewable energy. The goal of this
course is to teach students how to design and operate pumping
systems that utilize wind and solar energy. Students will also learn
how to determine peak irrigation water requirements, calculate
irrigated area and determine water storage requirements.

What to Bring:

Students should bring a calculator and materials for taking notes.
While not necessary, students are welcome to bring lap top
computers for use in this class